Women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine at Swansea University


Contacts across the Colleges

  • Dr Jenny Baker, Engineering (Soapbox Science, Outreach)
  • Dr Sara Barrento, Biosciences (Social Media)
  • Hemlata Bisnauthsing, College of Medicine (SwanseaScienceGrrl Facebook)
  • Dr Sonia Consuegra, Biosciences (Seminars)
  • Dr Elaine Crooks, Mathematics (Soapbox Science)
  • Prof Siwan Davies, Geography (Soapbox Science, Welsh Medium Enquiries)
  • Dr Natalie DeMello, Engineering (Soapbox Science, Social Media)
  • Dr Karen Ennser, Engineering (Soapbox Science)
  • Dr Cate Gascoigne, Singleton Hospital, Medical Physics (Swansea ScienceGrrl Lead)
  • Dr Ruth Harding, Singleton Hospital, Medical Physics (Outreach, Swansea ScienceGrrl)
  • Dr Rich Johnston, Engineering (Material:Live, Swansea ScienceGrrl)
  • Dr Emma Jones, Computer Science (Outreach, Swansea ScienceGrrl)
  • Dr Geertje Van Keulen, College of Medicine (Soapbox Science, Coordination)
  • Alison Jones, Computer Science (Publicity, Communication, Webpage)
  • Dr Michelle Lee, Psychology (Soapbox Science)
  • Lottie Rees-Roderick, Biosciences (Outreach)
  • Dr Monika Seisenberger, Computer Science (Coordination, Webpage)
  • Dr Emilia Urbanek, Geography (Seminars, Soapbox Science, Coordination)
  • Kathryn Welsby, Physics (Outreach)
  • Dr Rachel Woods, Engineering (Outreach, Soapbox Science)

If you would like to hear more about what is going on, please contact any of the above. [Apologies to those who are not yet mentioned, just drop me an email: m.seisenberger@swansea.ac.uk]